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'Epic' reading app for Digital Literacy

There's always something awesome to discover when you go looking for apps. I'd not heard of this one, but someone was kind enough to share it with me. Epic is a collection of digital books, and some collection at that. You'll need to sign up as a teacher and enter your schools details, but it's totally free. Once you've registered you can add your entire class either manually or through google classroom, without a login. Students can add books they've read and enjoyed as favourites. One of the cool features is being able to download books to read offline. The app also keeps a record of what students are reading, with the added option of being able to read at home. There's a huge range of books and comics all leveled either by reading age or difficulty. A lot of the books are 'read to me' ready, which means exactly that. To be honest, I keep looking for the catch here, but apparently there isn't one. This is a great app for all classes from K to 6 and beyond.

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