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These are the droids you're looking for.

Welcome to the new fleet of iTeacher droids and drones! Who wouldn't love coding a BB-8 to go on a recon mission, or sending a sphero around a course to catch another sphero? With apps like Tickle, Tynker and Swift Playgrounds there's a lot of variety out there to get your class started. One of our new favourites is the Cosmo droid. A cute little critter, running on its own set of tracks. Listening to it call your name as it looks up at you is beyond cute. Behind the cutesy facade though, is a very complex little robot. The coding aspect of the downloadable app contains a lot of block coding options. Cosmo uses its own wifi connection to link itself to your devices, handily displayed on his little face when he boots up. We'd recommend it for lower primary and upper primary classes. A lot of fun can be had, but it's not cheap at $319.

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