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Engagement: Cessnock Public

We've been working with Cessnock Public School over the last three days, and what an awesome set of teachers. Such a welcoming school! There's a real sense of community as soon as you walk into reception. Part of this engagement was not only to create a buzz around technology, but also to create a solid platform for the school to move forward from. iTeacher worked with 4 key learning teachers, helping them through the Apple Teacher program. The end goal is for these four to assist other teachers through the program at a later stage. One of the most rewarding aspects of this engagement was the level of enthusiasm from the staff. There was so much buzz around Garageband that it was hard to finish the badge and move on. You know its going well when everyone gives themselves a D.J name. As well as up skilling the teachers we looked at using Zuludesk as way to manage devices remotely. There was a lot of trial and error, but we got there in the end! Thank you for an awesome and entertaining three days. We'll be up again in the first term of the new year. Keep up the great work Cessnock Public!

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