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Engagement: Epping West Public

iPad training NSW

It's always great to get into the classrooms and share the awesome things that the iPad can do for students. Sometimes though the network, or the proxies bring everything to a grinding halt. Without the infrastructure working at a semi decent level you will always have annoying issues. Often staff are left frustrated, or able to opt out because "nothing works". Neither of these are conducive to a great learning environment. The iPad can often leave you baffled and crazy with it's myriad of settings to connect to your network. This week we've been working with Epping West to help them on their journey. Before we could get to the magic we had to work out why their iPads weren't connecting. Every school has a different setup, but often by setting the DNS and HTTP Proxy settings to auto you should be able to get it to talk to your wifi, causing the beloved proxy login to pop up. Once we had them all working it was great to see the teachers faces when we set up Apple Classroom. Once we had four classes up and running it was important to train up the staff to assist each other. Network issues aside the students had a ball during the iPad Creativity workshops. If you're interested in booking one for your school please get in touch here.

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