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Engagement: Willoughby Public School

iPad Training at Willoughby Public School

As part of Apple's I.L.E program we've been working with Willoughby Public School this week. The program runs over 2 weeks with the emphasis being on the school developing their iPad use in classrooms. As part of the program a school is allocated an Apple Learning Specialist for 5 days to assist them on their journey.

Giving the school and the teacher a solid platform to work from was the priority. For this we set up the Magic 3 - 'Showbie', 'Explain Everything' and 'Apple Classroom'. Essentially the first two are the digital versions of the tote tray and work book, with Apple Classroom being the eyes on the devices.

After an initial consultation with the teacher, we discussed ideas and content. The first few days were spent orientating the class around the operating system and setting up Showbie with some basic assignments. On the third and fourth days of the first week we were embedded with the class working alongside the teacher. During this period we were able to deep dive into the core apps by creating Virtual Museums, based around the theme of Explorers. We’ve got some very excited students and a real buzz happening around the classroom. It’s always encouraging when the bell goes and no one moves because they want to finish the tasks. Stay tuned for some examples of the work the students have completed.

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