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Record your iPad Screen.. iOS 11

iPad screen recording

One of the hidden gems in iOS 11 is the ability for students to record their screens. Not just screen snapshots, but an actual recording. This is great for teachers who want their students to create 'how to' tutorials.

Strangely, the option to turn on 'screen recording' feels like it's been hidden in the system preferences . It's easy to setup though, with these Apple instructions.

Once you've added it to your control panel you can simply press the record button, wait 3 seconds and away you go. The screen will be recorded until you switch it off by tapping the top of the screen.

Why not get your students to create instructional content for staff on how core apps work? The screen recording doesn't record sound, only the actions you take on the iPad. You can get around this if you add the clip from your camera roll to iMovie where you can add a voice over or music.

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