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App Review: Everything Machine

Apps for classrooms

'Everything machine' from Tinybop allows you to transform your iPad into a variety of cool gadgets. From the simple drag and drop nature of the building process to the cute iconography, there's a lot here that will appeal to the creative's in your class. Fed up with students taking your cookies? Well, maybe it's time to turn the iPad into a motion sensor. Take a photo of the cookie 'thief' and transmit it to another iPad with the transmit function. There's a lot of content here and half the fun is working out what everything does. Science teachers will love the logic content which allows students the chance to experiment in a safe creative environment. The app has a link to the manual which is useful and although not everything is explained in depth, that only aids the process of discovery. There's so much fun to be had here and a lot of learning potential to boot.

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