Andrew Wright is an Apple Learning Specialist,  innovations expert and the lead consultant at  iTeacher. 

He has worked as a classroom teacher for over 20 years. In 2010 he started his iPad Journey, and for the last 11 years has worked in schools supporting 1-1 iPad classrooms around the world.

As iTeacher, Andrew offers schools the chance to upskill both staff and students together, in the comfort of their own classroom. Working alongside your teachers as a registered DETNSW teacher / Apple Learning Specialist.

Sessions are engaging, relevant and designed to create momentum that lasts long after the sessions have finished. Places are limited so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to book sessions or to find out more please contact iTeacher today by email at

There's so much to share with you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Innovate, Create and Inspire!


"Hands down the best PL I have attended in a long time. It was hands-on, practical, relevant. Highly recommended!"

Laishah Matthews, NSW teacher

"It's day one of three in our training and Andrew has already solved the impossible i-pad set up problem and immersed my students and staff in engaging and authentic learning."

Claire Johnston, Teacher

"Your knowledge and experience was invaluable. You have inspired us to implement our digital resources to enhance and improve student learning and engagement! THANK YOU!"

Eleni Simmons

"Andrew is amazing! The courses I have attended were interesting, practical and useful and I could go straight back to class and use the skills the next day. Thanks."

Chris Chapman, Teacher

2021 Projects - "We are way beyond Book Creator now!"

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"Online learning just got a whole lot more engaging..."

Virtual Flights: S.T.E.A.M Experience.

In these uncertain times where travel seems a distant possibility, we are bringing your favourite locations to you with the NEW Virtual Flight Experience. 


Designed for Stage 2/3 students and geared around the elements of S.T.E.A.M.

Plan, cost, fly and narrate your own virtual flight. This one is beyond cool!

Click here for more Virtual Learning Flights

Call now for details on how to book this and other sessions for your school.

Virtual Worlds

This year we have 16 Virtual World experiences to share with you and your class. 

From the Reef to the Murray Darling Basin. 

Hear from field experts in real-time and visit the incredible locations with, or without a headset, using Virtual Worlds on the iPad/Web Browser. Take a look at EDUMetaverse

This is a fully immersive experience and will take your students into another dimension. Engage and innovate with the latest educational technology.

We'll look at how V.R is helping to solve problems in the world today and how our students can make a difference.

Augmented Reality

Imagine you're asked to write about a town. Simple enough, but imagine you could build that town. How about walking through the town like a giant. What about creating a movie with you and your town!

The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.


This A.R session will rocket their creative thinking skills into the stratosphere. 

We look at how A.R works and its practical uses in the real world. All this before diving into an engaging, creative session where students design their own A.R worlds.


Designed to encourage the students to keep working long after the sessions have ended, there's a whole world to explore out there.. so why not get in touch.

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